10 October 2011

Successful LTE Seminar

LTE RouterHigh-quality speakers presented the possibilities of the new 4G standards.

Intensive interchange of ideas about network strategies and the use of broadband transmission.

Politicians and the economic community adopted the Landshut Declaration11 with the aim of accelerating development in the IZ sector and thereby strengthening the business location Germany.

Landshuter Deklaration

08 August 2011

Florian – Trade Fair for fire brigades, fire and disaster control

BOS Messe

TDT exhibited for the first time at the Florian trade fair. This trade fair for fire brigades, fire and disaster control took place from 15th to 17th September in Karlsruhe, Germany. Modern solutions for internet access in emergency vehicles as well as solutions for mobile video transmission were presented.

06 June 2011

All-in-One C1550 Router Series

C1550 Router

The C1550 Router Series now with integrated DSL und ISDN.

You require 3G/4G for a remote connection to the internet, a permanent connection via DSL or a transmission of data via ISDN.

Configure the C1550 Router series according to your requirements
Dual SIM
WiFi 802.11n
5 Port 10/100 BaseT
8 freely configurable LEDs, e.g. for displaying field strength
Intelligent Firewall - Statefull Inspection - IPSec - OpenVPN - Backup Management - etc.
TDT MCC (Multi Channel Connection)

24 April 2011

C2000 with up to four 3G/4G radio modems

We were always being asked by our customers if was possible to create two or more simultaneous UMTS connections. AS well one of the commonest applications was the use of two video cameras, each with its own connection using the full bandwidth.

The C2000 offers just so a possibility for up to four 3G/4G radio modems and thereby establish four individual connections. Here each radio modem can manage two SIM cards as backup, each from a different provider.

A speciality is that all TDT 3G/4G routers support the TDT MCC*, here two identical data connections to a remote station are created (e.g. two identical video steams). If one connection is defective or stops working, an interruption-free switch-over is made to the other connection - without losses. Another distinctive feature of the TDT MCC is the the multiplication of the bandwidth. Any number of the interfaces can be virtually switched in parallel, as well as two or more radio interfaces and thereby achieving a doubling or tripling of the bandwidth. A requirement is that there TDT routers are used on both sides.

*MCC = Multi Channel Connection

C2000 Router

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