Active Premium Service

service Active Premium Service from TDT provides an extension to the »normal« Hardware and Software Support. For the first time TDT is offering a special kind of complete service. Using the Active Premium Service you monitor your network 24/7.
A dedicated server in your server park or indeed at TDT hosts the network management system, which has been specially adapted and optimized to the scale of your network. Using this system your complete infrastructure is depicted and proactively monitored.
The monitoring enables gradual errors to be identified at an early stage. The occurance of complete failure the therefore almost ruled out.
The permanent acquisition of traffic data enables a realistic statistical evaluation and a safe locallisation of line bottlenecks within the network.
For those responsible for your network, a safe and authenticated access to the management system is available at all times. For this purpose, TDT's respective access methods are made available.

As with hardware and software support, the TDT Expert Support Team is available to you personally via telephone, E-Mail or if you like  even at your premises.


The advantages are obvious

  • Early recognition of line faults due to proactive management
  • Localization of line bottlenecks by intelligent evaluation of the traffic data.
  • Inquiry of the network status in realtime through those responsible for customer's network using convenient graphical interface
  • No provision of hardware or software resources by the customer
  • No costs for own qualified personnel


Your privilege - competent support in all matters

  • Personal contact to counterparts of the TDT Expert Support Teams
  • Support with questions regarding configuration
  • Competent answers to all questions relating to WAN, LAN and VPN
  • Individual service times by agreement – for example:
    Monday - Friday 8 am until 6 pm 
    Monday - Saturday 8 am until 8 pm 
    or 7 days a week around the clock


Service portfolio

  • Localization and analysis of problems
  • Repair of faults - worldwide -using remote access
  • Software update via download
  • Pre-configuration of spare equipment for a fast exchange
  • Provision of backup equipment for pre-exchange repair
  • Fast shipment using courier services - worldwide
  • Use of qualified technical personnel on site guarantees fast reaction times

Use the Active Premium Service from TDT and ensure that your network is in safe hands.